June Gruber

EPISODE 4 Dec 7, 2014
Emotion + Expression
with June Gruber | Charity of the week: The Humane Society

June Gruber is an Assistant Professor of Psychology and Director of the Positive Emotion and Psychopathology (PEP) Laboratory. We begin by talking about facial recognition of emotions. We then move on to discussing studying, eliciting, and coping with emotions. We also explore the culture, language, and evolution of emotions and most importantly… karaoke. Lastly, I share some personal stories of broken feet and lackluster dreams in an attempt to get some free therapy.

This episode really stuck with me. I found myself thinking back on some of the ideas we discussed for weeks afterwards. There were so many topics we could have spent the whole episode talking about. This one is highly representative of what I envisioned the podcast being when I started this project.

After listening, follow the ‘link to research’ button above to check out her excellent online class and interview series.

Also be sure to check out her book:

Shane's duchenne smile:

Table of Contents
4:15 Studying emotion makes you mindful of them
8:00 Reading facial expressions of emotions
17:40 Masking emotions
19:40 The Darkside of Happiness
26:25 Broken feet
35:10 Why do we have emotions?
41:45 Disappointing dreams and predicting our emotional futures
45:20 Paleo greed and reinventing yourself
50:20 Cultural and language influence in emotion
57:20 Cruelest experiment in the world