Hillary Anger Elfenbein

EPISODE 16 Mar 1, 2015
Emotion + Self Deception
with Hillary Anger Elfenbein | Charity of the week: United Way of Saint Louis

Hillary Anger Elfenbein has been a business school professor at the Olin School of Washington University in St. Louis since 2008. She holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior, a Master’s degree in Statistics, and undergraduate degrees in Physics and Sanskrit, all from Harvard University.

This week Hillary Anger Elfenbein brings the energy, enthusiasm, and degrees of 50 people on the program. She breaks the ice with an interrogation into my drug use before we work our way into how people see us and the importance and uses of emotion.

1:15 Jokes and drugs
10:50 How others see us
17:35 Self- deception
20:30 Road to road comedian
26:00 Road to professorship
30:15 Practical Sanskrit
33:50 Business psychology
37:40 Getting Sciency
43:35 Ovulation
48:45 Forest Gump of Social Sciences
50:50 Cultural Differences in Emotional Cues
55:40 Importance of Emotions
1:00:00 Honest emotions?
1:08:50 Negotiating